iStock_000000963078XSmallCOEXPANSIVE Active Rescue for Data is a disaster recovery solution for small and medium businesses.

If you have backup software on your PC or laptop, you can retrieve files changed or deleted by mistake, damaged by a virus or lost if the PC fails. A disaster recovery solution extends that protection to an office full of PCs.

Fire or flood may genuinely be a disaster that knocks out a whole office. Heavy snow or power failure could mean all your data is safe in the office but no one can get to it. A computer virus infection could damage the data on all of your machines in a single morning.

In each of these cases what helps, and possibly saves your business, is a backup copy of the whole office, stored securely, that can be accessed somewhere else.

Multi-national businesses have implemented this type of redundancy with dual data-centres, private high speed communications lines and experienced full-time specialist IT staff.

COEXPANSIVE Active Rescue for Data provides these benefits using standard off-the-shelf PC and server hardware, using ordinary broadband links, at small fraction of the traditional cost of a disaster recovery solution and at a reasonable price a small business can justify.

COEXPANSIVE Active Rescue for Data will also help you to create a permanent CD/DVD based long-term archive for your most critical files. Tax and VAT records, bank information, first pictures of your new baby and so on.

We can even monitor operations remotely and only contact you if there is a situation that you need to be aware of or a problem that needs solving. No news really is good news.

All you need to do is swap over a removable USB disk once a week in a 1 minute operation. That’s it.

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