COEXPANSIVE is a software company based in the UK founded to bring advanced technology to small and medium businesses at a reasonable price using intelligent IT architecture and off-the-shelf components.

Frequently the latest trends and advances in IT require leading edge hardware and software, which is expensive and not always reliable, and which needs installation and baby-sitting by experts and consultants that are also expensive.

We have decades of experience in enterprise systems design, architecture and software development with some of the biggest names in the industry. Our goal is to use this experience to develop advanced solutions, using high-street available technology and without increasing client staff costs, typically a much more expensive resource than technology.

Active Rescue for Data distills the key benefits of multi-site data replication techniques used by major international companies spending hundreds of thousands of pounds on dual data-centres, dual server farms and private high speed network links and makes many of those benefits available to normal businesses using off the shelf PCs and servers and normal domestic-quality broadband links.

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CXARC is a deduplicating archive compression tool designed for pre-processing data for efficient transfer to Internet based storage facilities. CXARC was developed as part of the Active Rescue suite. It went rapidly from experimental prototype to essential component in our tool set. Given  we have benefited greatly from open source over our careers, and recently as Active Rescue for Data is Linux based, we hope to enhance our karma by sharing CXARC with the community.

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