iStock_000002266764XSmallCOEXPANSIVE was founded to bring advanced technology to small businesses at a reasonable price using intelligent IT architecture and off-the-shelf components.

  • We believe that too often the latest innovations are targeted at huge companies with mega budgets.
  • We believe you can get IT value into a business without needing an IT department or a parade of expensive consultants.
  • We believe that by using clever design, and components that have already become cheap and reliable, we can deliver the key benefits of industry leading, enterprise IT solutions for a small fraction of the traditional cost.

Active Rescue for Data is a data disaster recovery product designed to protect a whole office of PCs, laptops and servers. We ensure that dropped and stolen laptops, accidentally deleted files, machine breakdowns, virus infections, fire, flood, snow and power problems are challenges but not crises.

An office rescue server stores a backup copy of all your data plus offers instant access to all  your files as they appeared on any of the last seven days or from one day in each of the past twelve months.

Two copies of all your office data are also stored off-site on encrypted portable rescue disks, held by your bank or stored in your sock drawer. With these rescue disks, a USB security access key and recovery DVD you can make your data available at home or at a backup business site in 5 minutes.

CXARC is our advanced archive tool designed for efficient transfer of large amounts of data to Internet based storage facilities. CXARC is used by Active Rescue for Data but is also available under an open source licence.